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The Right Solutions for Each Business Location.

No matter how much crystal clear water you need for your business, Paces Culligan will customize a personalized solution just for you. Whether it’s an industrial grade softener and filtration system or a simple water cooler or bottled water delivery service for your office, we can help you put together a water program for any location in the US.

Products & Services for your Business

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Hi-Flo 50

Hi-Flo® 50 Softener
This high volume water filtration system is very durable and perfect for industrial applications. It can process up to 400 gallons per minute and has up to 67 cubic feet of resin for a hardness removal capacity of up to 2 million grains per tank. It is also very easy to maintain and setup with it’s side-mount valve for easy access and support.

Hi-Flo 50 Brochure

CSM™ Softener

CSM™ Softener
With a consistent flow of 259 gallons per minute and a hardness removal capacity of up to 900k grains per tank, the CSM Series Softener is perfect for medium sized industrial applications. It’s efficient,  heavy-duty, and easy to install and maintain with side-mount valve access.

CSM Softener Brochure

Hi-Flo® 3e Softener

Hi-Flo® 3e Softener
As an entry-level solution for high-quality water, the Hi-Flo 3 softener can produce 280 gallons per minute with hardness removal capacity of up to 1.2 million grains per tank. The top-mounted control valve also shortens the amount of pipe required for installation making it very convenient for setup.

Hi-Flo 3e Softener Brochure


G3 / G3+ Reverse Osmosis System

G3 / G3+ Reverse Osmosis System
With the G3 Series Reverse Osmosis System, there are no limits for high quality and quantity for your business. It can produce any amount of crystal clear water from 18 to over 200 gallons per minute.

G3 Reverse Osmosis Brochure

G2 Reverse Osmosis System

G2 Reverse Osmosis System
The G2 Reverse Osmosis System is very effective and easy to manage. This vertical or horizontal steel skid-mounted system can produce 3 to 18 gallons per minute of quality water.

G2 Reverse Osmosis Brochure

G1 Reverse Osmosis System

G1 Reverse Osmosis System
Intended for light industrial applications, the G1 RO can produce 3 gallons per minute of excellent quality water for your business. It’s also great tasting and inexpensive to maintain.

G1 Reverse Osmosis Brochure

Portable Exchange Deionizer (PEDI)

Portable Exchange Deionizer (PEDI)
A no hassle option for reducing both positively and negatively charged ions from your water for particular uses. It’s convenient, worry free, and when your system needs upkeep, a technician from Paces Culligan will professionally exchange your deionization tanks on your schedule.

PEDI Brochure

Bottle-Free Water Coolers

Bottleless Water Coolers for the Office or at Home
Our Bottle-Free systems at Paces Culligan are not just easy on cost, they’re easy on your back too! No more lifting 5 gallon bottles around and you can rest assured, knowing you’re helping the environment by supporting a more green alternative. Whats more, it’s great tasting and low maintenance.

Premium Series Bottle-Free Cooler
CoolClear Silver

Bottled Water Delivery Service

The Pace’s Culligan Water Delivery Service is next to none!

Our new bottling facility allows us to provide the freshest possible drinking water directly to your home or office. Not only does it taste amazing, it might also be the cleanest hot and cold drinking water solution available. Call us for more details on rates and delivery anytime.

Salt Delivery Service

Don’t Lift a Finger!

When you need salt in various quantities for any part of your business, we’ve got you covered. We can set up a delivery plan that specifically tailors to the needs of your business and schedule. Call us anytime for more details on rates and delivery.