Living with Hard Water and how a Water Softener in St George, UT can Help

You’ve probably heard the term “hard water” before—it sounds like any oxymoron, doesn’t it? How could water possibly be hard, when it’s a liquid? The answer is more about the composition of the water itself, rather than its physical state. Hard water refers to water that is filled with minerals.

Regular water is traditionally free of minerals. Think of rainwater that’s falling from the sky—this is considered “soft water” because it’s plain and simple H2O, free of any iron, magnesium or zinc. When the water reaches the earth and is absorbed by the ground, however, these minerals can become prevalent in the water that comes out of our faucets.

Living with hard water

It’s estimated that more than 85 percent of homeowners in the United States have to deal with hard water in their homes, to varying degrees. For these people, like Utah residents, the addition of a water softener in St. George, UT can go a long way towards making water safer and more enjoyable.

Water softeners utilize a salt-based additive to help break down and alleviate the presence of minerals in water, restoring treated water to a near-neutral state. Having a water softener does more than take care of the mineral problem, however—it also addresses all of the peripheral issues that having hard water can cause, including:

  • Scale deposits in bathrooms: What may appear as soap scum at first could actually be scale deposits from hard water that has evaporated, leaving behind all of the minerals that it carried.

  • Dry skin: When showering or bathing with hard water, the minerals on your skin can cause dehydration issues. Hair can also become dehydrated, leading to limp, frail locks.

  • Spotting on glassware: Whether you’re a traditional hand washer or someone who prefers the dishwasher, having to utilize hard water to clean your dishes is going to leave behind small spots of scale regardless of how they’re getting clean.

  • Bad tastes: We use water in virtually every cooking endeavor, so it only makes sense that hard water would affect the taste of different foods and beverages adversely.

These are just a few of the issues that a water softener in St. George, UT can help solve—the list goes on and on, depending on the quality of your home’s water.

The cost of operation

If you’re concerned about the cost of operation that comes with utilizing a water softener in St. George, UT, rest easy knowing that it’s minimal. Your energy bill may rise slightly, along with your water bill, however the benefits that can be reaped from soft water pay dividends. And, if you can cover the initial cost of a softening system, you’ll enjoy its benefits for years and years to come, with only regular maintenance to set you back.

If you’re living with hard water, know that it’s a problem that has solutions. Investing in a water softener in St. George, UT can help you to reclaim your home’s water and enjoy it as it was meant to be: pure and untainted by minerals.