Bottled Water

The Pace’s Culligan Water Delivery Service is next to none!

  •  Bottled Water Delivery: We deliver every 2 weeks in St. George, UT, Cedar City, UT, and even all  the way to Milford, UT.  Our state-of-the-art bottling facility produces clean, perfectly filtered drinking water that we deliver right to your home or office to provide you with the best tasting water in Utah. Our coolers offer both hot and cold options, and have a no-spill system to make changing bottles easy and sanitary.  Whether you need a refreshing drink or a comforting cup of hot tea, you’ll be getting only the best quality from Pace’s Culligan.
  • Bottle-less Water Cooler: This larger, bottle-free system provides a more permanent solution for your water needs. This cooler is installed directly into the plumbing of your space and does not require bottles.
  • Water Storage Boxes: Each box contains 5 gallons of purified water sealed in a Mylar bag with a spout to pour from. The water goes through our state of the art reverse osmosis purification process which is the same as our bottled water. Bleaching and rotating are not required and it will have an outstanding shelf life. Each box is 16″ X 10″ X 8″ and stacks easily. We also deliver water boxes right to your door in Cedar City, UT, St. George, UT, Hurricane, UT, Milford, UT, Parowan, UT, and surrounding areas.
  • Small Package Bottled Water: Sometimes customers want the option of small plastic bottles in addition to or instead of 5 gallon bottles. Whether you need it in bulk for your business or just enough for your family, we have you covered.
  • Private Label Bottled Water: Give your clients and potential customers a thirst-quenching drink of water and advertise your business at the same time! Your business logo on the label of bottled water is a classy way to do just that.
  • Beverage Service: Culligan specializes in not only water, but other beverages as well. If you need hot chocolate, electrolyte supplements, coffee, cups, etc. we’ll take care of that too so you don’t have to!
  • Distilled and Dionized Water: Some offices and industries have applications that require these specialized types of water. We deliver distilled water by the gallon and dionized water in 5 gallon bottles. From dentists to jewelers, we have what you need!
  • We use only the highest quality Culligan water for our water delivery and bottled water service in St. George, UT, and the surrounding areas. We are pleased to provide full delivery services for your optimum convenience all the way from Milford, UT to Cedar City, UT to St. George, UT, and  we arrange a service time that is in accordance with your busy schedule.

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