Water Softeners

If you’re looking for the pleasant feel of soft water in St. George, UT, you’ve come to the right place. Our softeners have customizable settings to provide perfectly soft water to all rooms in the house. Soft water also eliminates those pesky hard water stains, and reduces wear on your appliances, increasing their efficiency. We provide full installation and maintenance of our state-of-the-art softening systems, which include:

  • Medallist Series: Our Medallist Series water softener offers simple but quality operation. It integrates effortlessly into your plumbing to provide whole-home water conditioning, and is a cinch to program but also easy to bypass whenever necessary.
  • High Efficiency: True to its name, our high efficiency water softener provides endless energy savings, and is very low maintenance. It not only allows you to control your custom softness settings from anywhere in the house, but also keeps track of your salt level and alerts you when it’s time to refill, and even offers a setting for alerting us to provide refill or maintenance service.
  • High Efficiency Twin & Progressive flow: This dual option gives you all the benefits of the high efficiency water softener while allowing you to process twice the amount of water, and even employs smart sensors to adjust water in accordance with changing hardness levels. This is a perfect option for large families or houses that host guests often.
  • Gold Series: The Gold Series offers even more customization as well as a large capacity, and provides a comprehensive self-metering system to perfectly balance your water quality. It also offers an advanced control valve for optimizing water pressure, and can even be installed outdoors with its own weather-resistant enclosure.
  • Industrial softeners: We also offer our industrial-grade Hi-Flo 50, CSM and Hi-Flo 3e softeners, which can produce 259 to 400 gallons of perfectly softened water per minute for any business or commercial property.

The performance of all of our Culligan water systems is third-party guaranteed, and backed by one of the industry’s best warranties. And to make your life even easier, we provide regular delivery of your water softener salt in St George, UT, and the surrounding areas.