High Efficiency Water Softener

46% more efficient than other softeners.

The HE Softener is more than just efficient and cost saving, it also offers features like. the ability to control your water from anywhere in your home and dialing in the softness you want. And along with the water, energy and salt savings, it will also tell you how much salt you do have and when to refill.

The HE requires very little maintenance. We can even set it up to alert us when salt is needed and/or when your system needs service which allows us arrange a service call for you before you even have time to worry about it.

All of this and more is available with our high efficiency solution water softener. Just preview some of the benefits and specifications below!


The Culligan HE Water Softener’s patented technologies:

  • Dramatically lower monthly water, salt, and electricity costs.
  • Provide customizable water softness so your water never feels too soft or too hard.
  • Let you know how long your salt will last.**
  • Give you water softening control from anywhere in the house.
  • Send Automatic Service Notifications** to your local Culligan Man so you never have to worry about scheduling.
  • Deliver Culligan soft water throughout your home.
  • Reduce wear on appliances and help make them more efficient.

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**Optional feature

high efficiency water softeners


The Culligan HE Water Softener offers patented smart technology:

  • Culligan’s proportional brining allows your softener to regenerate only that part of the resin bed that has been exhausted, reducing its salt usage.
  • Automatic bypass valve provides the convenience of bypassing the water softener from the softener itself or the remote display.
  • Patented Culligan Aqua-Sensor® technology automatically adjusts to changes in water conditions so the softener only regenerates when needed, saving you salt, water, and money.
  • Our smart brine tank automatically monitors salt levels and tells you how many days of salt are remaining.
  • Exclusive Culligan Soft-Minder® meter monitors daily water use and provides advanced system diagnostics.
  • The easy-to-read backlit display with digital clock lets you know your softener is working and alerts you to any system malfunctions.
  • Culligan’s Dial-a-Softness® Valve allows you to customize the “feel” of your water, so it never feels too soft or too hard.

Remote display: Optional remote display makes it possible to control and monitor your softener from virtually anywhere in your home.*

Optional modem: Can alert Culligan dealership if salt is needed or softener needs service.

Exclusive reliable design:

  • Exclusive, non-corrosive valve with six cycles. The motorized pistons provide more reliability than rotary valve systems.
  • High-impact Quadra-Hull® Tank stands up to outdoor use with a four-layer design that resists UV rays, rust, and corrosion. Limited lifetime warranty.**
  • Long-lasting brine tank with corrosion-proof components and Dubl-Safe brine refill control assure proper operation.

Cullex® resin media: Assures stability and long life. High-grade quartz underbedding evenly distributes water to maximize flow rates.

*Requires 120 VAC

**Warranties available separately. See written warranties for applicable terms and conditions.

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